Cost to Clear Land In Florida


Compact Dedicated Mulcher CMI 175 with Denis Cimaf Mulching Head

When it comes to the age old question “how much does it cost to clear my land” there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. 

When it comes to projects no two acres are the same, so we make sure to gather as much information about your project and the goals of your clearing job. From there we will make recommendations on what type of machinery and methods will take place. 

When it comes to land clearing in Florida there are essentially two viable methods.
Forestry Mulching This method uses a large, hydraulically powered, grinder on the front of a variety of machines. These machines can be broken down into 3 categories and each has their place on the job site. 

Skid Steer Mulcher these are 90-120 horsepower compact track loaders (think of the generic term bobcat). These machines excel in light brush and vegetation. Generally stuff under 6 inches in diameter and smaller lot sizes (1-2) acres. These machines have a few cons as well. Lower horsepower ratings means they cannot cut as fast, leave as fine of a mulch, or cut larger sized trees. Skid steer mulchers are great for smaller, residential jobs. Depending on the carrier and mulching head these machines are generally $1500+ per day

Compact Dedicated Mulcher these are usually steel track units and range from 175-250 horsepower. These machines will usually double the amount of production of a skid steer mulcher and can mulch trees up to 18 inches and greater. These units are generally lower ground pressure and can work in wetter areas. These machines excel in larger material and 2-5 acre jobs. These machines are not without their cons as well. These machines being on steel tracks are required to unload directly on dirt or grass and cannot be driven on concrete or asphalt, which can make unloading them tricky.  Depending on the carrier and head these machines are generally $2500+ per day

High Horsepower Dedicated Mulcher these mulchers are the biggest and baddest out there. They are 300+ horsepower and often have a 8 foot or greater sized mulching head. These machines excel in larger jobs, and larger material. They do not have a size limit on trees, and leave behind a very fine mulch. These units are generally on large tire tractors and get stuck very easily in the rain. There are large tracked carrier options that are better suited for rainy conditions if you need a high horsepower dedicated machine. These machines being over 9 feet wide are not great at under brushing or being utilized on smaller lots. Depending on the carrier and head these machines are 3000+ per day

Land clearing and brush removal in Florida

High horsepower dedicated mulcher Barko 930B with Fae Mulching Head

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Skid Steer Mulcher Kubota SVL-95 with FAE Mulching Head

Mulch from the forestry mulcher is spread out and left behind. The mulch is generally great for the soil and is a great weed barrier. Very rarely is the mulch needed to be removed, the only time you would need to remove the mulch would be if you are planning to put a foundation or road on top of it.

Forestry mulching, while having many pros does have a few cons that should be considered. If you are clear cutting a large area, you may be left with such a thick mulch bed grass regrowth may not be possible. Another con of mulching is that it does not get the root systems, so you cannot mulch where a home foundation or road will go.

That is where we come in to help, give us a call or fill out the contact form, we are happy to help give you our expert advice.